Antonio Petronzio

Bristol’s atmospheric music makers Ålesund announces fourth single Pins & Needles completing their debut EP Shift & Flux

Last week Ålesund were brought to my attention and I was not disappointed. I enjoyed their music so much that I decided to feature their latest single ‘Pins & Needles‘ on Twisted Hand. First off I will start with a bit of info about the band.

Comprising of Bristol scene stalwarts Alba Torriset (Toyface); Lloyd Starr (Madilan); Paul Hopkins (Little Thief, Sam Green and the Midnight Heist); and Carlos Coronado (Loralie). Ålesund’s name was inspired by front woman Alba’s Norwegian heritage and is the name of the beautiful west coast town her father grew up in. The scenery of the fjords and mountains seemed to reflect the atmospheric music the band were making (pronounced ‘Aww-le-sund’)

Pins & Needles‘ is beautiful piece of work from the start, with atmospheric vocals accompanied by piano. But as soon as this fades out half way through the track, we are taken to a completely different dimension with a menacing kick drum and low bass hum. I didn’t see the track going in the direction it did and I really enjoyed the experience, I imagine it is even more dramatic live.

Lyricist Alba Torriset has often discussed with her peers and friends. Our generation lives on the edge, told we’re worse off than our parents generation, that we spend too much of our life online, or that we’re all just too sensitive for this cut throat world. It can all seem noisy and scary at times. The second half of the song brings in the whole band to a massive crescendo. Lyrically it sings of not wanting to be numb to those feelings and being able to talk, sing, shout at the top of your lungs about it.

So far they’ve spent 2018 finishing off their EP produced by Jake Bright (Svelte, Doeray, Kate Stapley). A collection of four beautifully crafted songs with a sparse, yet powerful quality. The immersive sounds of rolling drums, intricate guitar work, and soaring vocals, display Ålesund as an atmospheric force from the trip hop heartland – masters of their own expansive, emotive and exhilarating worlds of sound.”


13/04 – @ Visual Arts Radio, Live Stream 
24-26/05 – @ How The Light Gets In Festival

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