Julie Neff is another artist who I had the pleasure of meeting whilst I was gigging in Toronto. The opening track ‘Pick Up My Pieces‘ from her EP ‘Catharsis‘ blew me away and I wanted to feature it on Twisted Hand.

Julie Neff knows a thing or two about catharsis. For one, Catharsis is the title of her debut EP, released earlier this year. And, second, she’s long been used to giving others an outlet through music. Her live performances are so evocative they’ve moved her listeners to tears.”

“Neff released Catharsis to critical acclaim, earning coverage on She Does The City, CBC’s Big City Small World, and BlogTO. The themes running through Neff’s music are ones that you’ll recognise from your own life: the cycle of desire and heartbreak, picking up the pieces after everything has fallen apart, the ways we find a path back to ourselves when we’re lost.”

Catharsis, a six-song EP written over the last two years, is as collaborative an effort as Neff’s other musical pursuits. The record was produced by Bradley McClure, of Home Studios and the indie band For Keeps, and includes guest vocals and guitar by Toronto musical talents Ben Doerksen, Eric Mercer, and Charlotte Lytle. “

Live performance of ‘Siren Call’

“The EP is a testament to both her talent and the musical community Neff has helped to cultivate. Just shy of two years ago, she hosted a house concert in her living room that has since flourished into Eclectic Comfort, a house-concert and video series company Neff co-founded this year. As executive producer, Neff hosts Eclectic Comfort shows from her Cabbagetown home and is as much a collaborator as she is an artist in her own right, giving other Toronto musicians an intimate space to practice and perform. Since founding EC, Neff has played with musicians as far afield as Sweden and Argentina. Her gaze is focused outward: Neff has travelled the world and just this year performed in five international music festivals, including in a planetarium in Brazil and on the banks of a river in Chile, among other destinations.”

“Neff plans to spend the next year as she has this one: writing feverishly, touring tirelessly and collaborating with musicians the world over. She’ll begin to craft the songs that will make up her second EP, will release a collaboration EP with a group of Toronto musicians, and plans to tour in Mexico and Brazil, as well as here at home.”

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