Pip Hall was recently brought to my attention by a friend of mine and her new single ‘So Easy’, is awesome! So it is going to be todays featured act. On top of her new release she will be performing at this years SXSW.

“‘So Easy’ is the gorgeous new single from underdog, dark-pop songwriter Pip Hall, her first since her debut LP late last year on My Little Empire Records.”

“Much like the singles which found her favour with the likes of DIY, Best Fit and Huw Stephens (BBC 1), ‘So Easy’ sees Pip exposing the most fragile corners of life, however here we see her emerge from this loss with a more resolute approach to her new found freedom; finding the space to breathe deeply. This breezy attitude sees the Preston-native deliver cutting lyrics (“I’ve rearranged the features of your face within my mind, to realign and redefine the love I left behind. I’m moving on.”) before the track erupts to its soaring pinnacle with  with lines: “It’s so easy, and lord knows, if you work for it, it can be so easy”.”

“Written, recorded and produced by Hall this is another exciting step in the young talent’s rise to the top, before her first shows outside the UK  next month, including a show at the Bowery in New York and a slot at SXSW.”

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