is back!

To kick the week off and the return of Twisted Hand, Benjamin Finney has picked ten tracks that he is listening to and put into a playlist.

“The ten tracks I have chosen for my ‘Ten Picks’, is a collection of mostly new releases from artists I have recently discovered and artists I have followed for a good few years.”

“Artists like ‘Two Door Cinema Club‘ I was following when I was a lot younger in my teens and it is interesting to see how they have developed into their new style.”

“Where as artists like ‘Billie Eilish‘ I have recently discovered in the past few months, when I heard her track ‘bury a friend‘ on the radio. Her new album that followed, ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?‘ is definitely worth a listen.”

“The tracks I have chosen are certainly varied in genre, but thats what I enjoy about discovering and listening to music.”


We are always on the lookout for exciting music to feature on TWISTED HAND.

Drop us a message us via the contact page.

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