This weeks feature on Twisted hand is a little different, we caught up with Ben Williams and asked him a few questions about his latest release ‘The Minimum of Fuss’.

Your new Album ‘Minimum of Fuss’ was released last week. What does the album mean to you?

“Growing up I always loved listening to whole albums. It’s great to sit down with a cup of tea for half an hour and listen to an album. The way people listen to music has changed now with Spotify and streaming, but I really wanted to be an advocate of the album as an art form. I think ‘Minimum of Fuss’ works well as a collection of songs, and hopefully you feel like you’ve been on a little journey after listening to the album. Some of the songs on this record are quite personal. I’m really proud of some of the songwriting. “

The majority of your new album is very stripped back with you and guitar. How did you come to this decision?

“I felt it suited the songs. I wrote all of the songs on an acoustic guitar, and they seemed to work well like that. All that was added was some piano and organ courtesy of John Ellis, and some backing vocals from Hannah Ashcroft. I wanted to let the songwriting speak for itself. The minimum of fuss approach was applied through the whole album, right down to the artwork. “

You are joined by artists such as ‘Hannah Ashcroft’ for a couple of tracks. If you could write a song with anyone, who would you work with and why?

“It would be nice to write a song with Hannah. But also Paul McCartney. I’ve been a massive Beatles fan since I was about 5 years old. It would be nice to meet a Beatle. Paul Simon wouldn’t be too bad either. “

What can people expect from your album ‘Minimum of Fuss’?

“Some of the songs are quite downbeat, such as ‘Search Team’, ‘7:30’ and ‘Trampoline’, but some are a bit more playful such as ‘Feels Like Fun’ and ‘Give It Back’. “

You have a track on your album called ‘A Thousand Ways to Boogie’, What would be your favourite song to ‘Boogie’ to.

“Not Just Knee Deep by Funkadelic. Or maybe Canned Heat by Jamiroquai. They’re really good ones. That new Chaka Khan song that samples  FatBack Band is great. ‘Like Sugar’. Wandering Eye by Fat Freddy’s Drop. Chelsea Rodgers by Prince. These are all good songs to boogie to. “

What plans do you have for ‘Minimum of Fuss’ after you finish your tour?

“Straight to the Grammy’s. I just need to clear it with the people there. “


03/05 – The Big Comfy Bookshop – Coventry
06/05 – Talking Songs, Folk & Soul – Manchester
10/05 – Zeffirellis – Ambleside
17/05 – Three Minute Theatre – Manchester
11/06 – The Bedford , Balham – London

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