I’m James, the Media Director for Twisted Hand, and it’s my turn to share 10 tracks that i’m currently listening to at the moment. I’ve got quite an eclectic taste when it comes to music, but i’ve tried to keep it as consistent as possible (give or take a few sharp left hand turns)

Enjoy 🙂 

Phil France – Bells. 

This topped many of the 2018’s albums of the year including mine. Originally hailing from the East of the Pennines, the Manchester-based composer delivered this perfectly crafted and well balanced sophomore effort in August and it’s been in heavy rotation in our flat since. 

Frankie Cosmos – Jesse 

Taken from her hugely 2018 under-the-radar album ‘Vessel’, ‘Jesse’ proves yet again that Frankie Cosmos is the Queen of Lo-fi pop. I love this song and album, and still pretty pissed off it didn’t get the credit it should have.

Bjørn Torske – Clean Air

Another 2018 song and album that should have got some more love. It’s basically early Röyksopp, if Röyksopp had decided to be a disco band and do a ton of uppers. A must-listen. 

TOLEDO – Some Samurai


Mr.YT – Nite

Yuji Takenouchi is better known for his compositions and sound design for games such as Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake or Dark Souls I & II, but some genius decided to release an album in his early dance work in 2017. ‘Brand New Day’ is basically full of wall to wall bangers and plays like a long lost Wipeout soundtrack.

Skinshape – I Didn’t Know

Going to be totally honest and say I honestly don’t know anything about this artist. This was a half-a-bottle-of-jameson-at-2am youtube find, but it was a good find. When those horns come in at the end … ooffft. 

Tim Hecker – In The Fog I

I’ve kept this playlist relatively friendly to majority of ears, so I think i’m allowed one out of left field. I love Tim Hecker, he is my hero***. If you’ve never been a fan of ambient or experimental music, I urge you to go into a room, put on some headphones, turn the lights off and blast “Ravedeath 1972”. Best night you’ll have without taking your pants off.

***Brian Eno used to be my hero, but then I met him and told him how much I loved him and he seemed pretty dismissive of the whole situation. Here’s a photo of us, I look like his son https://imgur.com/vsf1jyt 

boy pablo – Everytime

My friends are sick of me hyping this band. Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Boy Pablo are the Norwegian answer to Mac DeMarco. They haven’t picked up too much attention over here yet  but when they do (and they will) i’ll be that annoying dick who’s all “I knew them before they won the 2019 Spellemannprisen”.

Pavement – You Are the Light

They don’t make indie bands like Pavement anymore. ‘You Are the Light’ by Stephen Malkmus and boys will always be a favourite of mine, although i’m a bit worried that Stephen’s latest effort seems to say that he’s a man on the cusp of a midlife crisis. We never asked for a dance album, Ste mate. Go back to the guitar. 

Parquet Courts – Almost Had To Start A Fight / In And Out Of Patience 

Nothing fancy, no high end production techniques, no gimmicks. Just an amazing garage rock song. 

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