Todays ‘Song of The Day’ is new release from Billie Marten – ‘Cartoon People’.

” There is a photograph hanging above the piano in Billie Marten’s family home just outside Ripon that shows the nearby Yorkshire Dales. There was something in its wildness, the untrodden vastness of nature and space, that always captured Marten’s imagination; the possibility of what might lie out there in the world. “I used to sit there and think of stupid little stories about that photograph,” she says. “Then one of the first songs I ever wrote when I was about nine was called I’m Gonna Run – and it was all about getting on a train and leaving and exploring.” “

” The desire to run and the opposing impulse to remain rooted in the family and the landscape that she loves, are crucial to Marten’s songwriting. At just 17, she speaks of her hope to carry on her studies, of the longing sometimes to “be where the noise is”, the feeling that “there’s so many places I haven’t been and so many things I haven’t done and I’ve got to do them all”. But she talks, too, with great tenderness of the village she resides, of the contentedness of family life. “I think it’s really important to stay where you are and where you know, so you’ve got that space,” she says. “I contradict myself a lot.” “

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