This weeks featured artist is Michael Webster, with his latest release
‘paper dreams’.

Michael Webster is a singer-songwriter based in the North West of England. Originally from Preston, he’s been involved in the Manchester music scene for about 4 years now, performing across the city, hosting events and running an indie record label, Bread Records. He’s collaborated with various artists, including Adam Carpenter Music and The Northern Rambler, who both have albums out on the label.”

“His music is a blend of alternative rock and folky singer songwriter musical stylings, for fans of Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile, Bob Dylan and Neil Young. He prides himself on his lyrical capabilities, from romantic ballad-themed love songs through to outright political protest songs.”

“Between 2016 and 2018 he released three ‘double singles’, each a pair of songs that compliment each other – these are “ground zero / youth decay”, “mancuria / ans” and “waves / complainin'”. These were met with great reception and were played on some local radio stations across the UK. Recently, he’s released his debut EP “paper dreams”, a collection of songs he’s written over the past few years detailing his musical and personal progression through life. This was highly celebrated by fans of his music, with some saying that it is his best release yet.”

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