This ‘Pick Ten’ playlists comes from The Northern Rambler A.k.a Liam Caly

“The music I listen to is really varied so the mix is a little odd. Firstly is better oblivion community centre, which is a band consisting of Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers, two of my favourite songwriters combining their skills, it’s fantastic. Marina and Sara Bareilles are artists I have been a huge fan of for a long long time and them releasing new music at the same time is a dream come true, both I think have really matured as songwriters and musicians, especially marina who appears to be on a different level than she has ever been before. Some of these songs are old northern soul or reggae/ska tunes which I have rediscovered lately as I have indeed been rediscovering myself and then of course there’s Ariana Grande who I consider one of the most important artists of the modern day, I believe she will stand the test of time like Mariah, Madonna and Beyonce have!”

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