This weeks featured artist is narcissus with their latest single ‘Burning Candles’.

“With an output that has been described as, ethereal, epic and anthemic, Mancunian electronica band narcissus were tipped for big things in the mid-noughties, having signed a publishing deal on the back of some genre-bending demos and following a series of amazing live events including a ‘D-percussion festival/band on the wall’ double header. ” 

“The quartets’ reputation was further enhanced with the release of a single ‘The Window’ through Manchester indie label Northern Ambition, the label was also responsible for Stephen Fretwell’s early output.  Unfortunately, the collapse of narcissus’ publishing deal during the recording of their debut album led to a parting of ways but time and fate have brought the band back together.”  

“With an album already recorded, narcissus went back into the studio late 2018 and recorded a brand new track ‘burning candles’ which is finally released on new Manchester record label 42’s Records on Friday 7th June” 

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