Todays featured artist is David Gorman with his brand new release ‘Curses‘.

David Gorman’s latest release ‘Curses‘ is a beautifully constructed piece of folk music. It has a feeling of nostalgia about it, like a song that has always been there for you. The whole song comes together gradually introducing different elements such as piano, percussion, banjo and strings, decorated with beautiful harmonies that you can’t help joining in with.

David Gorman is an Indie-Folk artist emerging from the sea of talented upcoming artists in Manchester. His delicate guitar playing and catchy melodies are pushed even further with heartfelt lyrics telling endearing true stories.’ 

‘Influences range from old country artists such as Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash, to modern wordsmiths such as Conor Oberst and Gregory Alan Isakov. With two home-recorded EP’s behind him (his last EP receiving a nomination from the Unsigned Music Awards) Gorman started 2019 with the intention to push his music further but knew that his home setup would not give the desired results. Enter Sloe Flower Studios.

After being asked to sing backing vocals on Toria Wooff’s ‘Badlands’ EP, David stepped into Sloe Flower Studios for the first time and instantly knew it was the place he wanted to work on his next projects. David worked closely with James Wyatt of Sloe Flower to record several songs. 

The first product of this collaboration is ‘Curses’, a song that tells the tale of frustration towards illness, insomnia, painful truths, and working through those ruts that we have all experienced at one point or another. 
Working closely with Sloe Flower Studios, ‘Curses’ is packed with a production quality not yet heard in Gorman’s music.’

Catch David performing his latest release live tonight the 08th of November at Sacred Trinity Church

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