By Benjamin Finney

I was invited down to witness an amazing sold out show by the equally amazing Toria Wooff. Those who have been following Twisted Hand for some time now, will know that Toria is a favourite of mine and I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

The first act of the evening is Carl North, another favourite of twisted hand. Carl took to the stage with full force as if there was a band behind him, commanding the room with his mix of Blues and R&B. Not one person in the room could control their feet from tapping along to his infectious guitar rhythms.

Nearing the end of Carls set he brings pulls the mood back, with two new, heart felt songs, that could only be described as beautiful. I am so excited to see what happens with these new songs.

The second act of the evening is Boltons own James Holt. James has made a name for him self around Manchester, receiving comments from Brian Eno where he was described as “Fresh and exciting to listen to”. James entertained the crowd with his nostalgia filled songs and was met with much praise.

The moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here and Toria was greeted with a roar of excitement as she took to the stage in front of a packed room, accompanied by her stellar band. I have seen Toria many a time playing solo but never with her band, I am blown away listening to her songs in a new light. Every detail is meticulously thought out from the atmosphere created by sliding guitars and creativity of the percussion. I feel like I am experiencing these songs I know so well for the first time.

My favourite point of the evening was experiencing Toria’s brand new song ‘Hallelujah’. This song although new is well and truly planted in my mind and becoming one of my favourite tracks. ‘Hallelujah’ is such a powerful and emotional piece of music, that is proof of how great a songwriter Toria is.

Toria and her band finished the night with a cover of ‘Ohio’ by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young which was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd who joined in for a final sing along.

You can find Torias latest EP ‘Badlands‘ on spotify below.

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