This weeks featured artist is Dora Noszkay with their latest release ‘in the morning’.

“Led by optimistic fingerstyle guitar melodies, overlaid with swirling synthesisers and iced with a childish casiotone, “in the morning” is a reimagined version of Dora Noszkay’s 2017 song about leaving home for the first time. The song’s hopeful meaning took on a grimly ironic twist as Dora Noszkay was forced to abandon her adopted home of France, where she had planned to record her debut album, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “in the morning” was the only song she managed to complete.” 

“Upon her return to Manchester, Dora Noszkay had been planning to play gigs across the city. Adapting to circumstance, she is organising a series of livestreams alongside other musicians, including freak-popsters The Vanity Project and fragile-folk balladeer Red Shelley.”  

“Combining intricate guitar work, innocent melodies, cosy synths and blissful harmonies, Dora Noszkay’s music is akin to that of John Martyn, Belle and Sebastian and LUMP.” 

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