by Benjamin Finney

Our artist of the week is Fordaze with his new release ‘Like a Sunrise‘.
This EP is going to be my feel good songs of the summer!

“‘Like a Sunrise‘ is the debut solo release from Manchester based musician Mikey G and his craft pop venture; Fordaze

“During a 2019 spent relentlessly diving into the Manchester open mic scene and performing shows everywhere from York to Amsterdam, Mike became enamoured with a love for creating DIY pop music. Self recorded and self produced, ‘Like a Sunrise’ acts as a tease of what’s to come sonically for Fordaze, whilst still remaining true to his original acoustic origins.”

Lisa P, the synth-led, autotune laden track of the release, serves as an ode to this current era of homemade Soundcloud tracks. DIY in its nature, the song was written hours prior to the first Fordaze headline show this march where it was given its spontaneous live debut.” 

Now, Before & After meanwhile has existed for years. Written as a love letter to Mike’s time spent living in York and the people he crossed paths with; It’s a song about feeling happy, appreciating that momentary feeling of limitlessness and not wanting anything to change, despite how inevitable that change eventually becomes.”

“After years of sitting on the fence about releasing music and letting sonic anxiety get in the way, ‘Like a Sunrise’ is in no doubt an impromptu gamble. Yet still, it’s a thoughtfully crafted leap of faith.”

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